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Deliver the true value of the deal

How successful will your M&A deal be?

When buying or selling a business, a successful integration or separation is as critical in creating value as the deal’s negotiations.

Many factors can compromise the realisation of your transaction’s expected value once you have agreed terms. These include:

  • \Transitional arrangements that fail to support the deal's purpose;
  • \Cultural misalignments;
  • \Under-estimating the impact of major change;
  • \Customer concerns and/or misunderstandings.

It is therefore essential to adequately resource the planning and execution of your integration independently from ”Business as Usual” activities.

Clients recognised a need to focus on ‘value creation’


of dealmakers prioritised value creation


said that, were they to do another deal, it would be a priority.

2018 MergerMarket global survey

We are experts in post-deal integrations & separations

PAZO is a niche consultancy that focuses on post-deal integrations and separations. We bring a wealth of experience across a wide range of successful integrations and separations – both in terms of size and complexity.

Our focus is to help you maximise the value you extract from your M&A deal by bringing rigor, a disciplined approach and our expertise to your transaction.

Whilst most integration activity occurs after the deal has closed, it is critical to start your planning before negotiations conclude. This will ensure that you and your counter-party are aligned and ready to execute as soon as the deal completes. We recommend you involve us early so you can leverage our specific experience of TSA’s and post-close commitments as part of your Sale and Purchase agreement.

Our clients

Top 3 Benefits to Clients


We are deal-experienced people, with a particular focus on integrations and separations. We hit the ground running for you with people who know what they are doing.


PAZO’s client list is selective, so you get our entire focus and attention. We work with a very limited number of concurrent clients.


PAZO is not burdened by large consulting practice overhead structures. We like to keep it deliberately small, so it’s cost effective and relevant for you.