Our services

We get that every transaction is different

Few areas defy a “one-size fits all” approach more than integrating acquired companies. A myriad of various drivers underpin any deal, dependant on what strategic purpose(s) you are seeking – e.g.:

  • \Vertical integration or product expansion;
  • \Expansion of technical skills and/or supply chain optimisation;
  • \Scale economies or product and service adjacencies.
Furthermore, deals can vary enormously in terms of scale and complexity.

These different considerations require very distinct approaches to how you tackle your integration or separation. This is often forgotten, resulting in value loss during the transaction.

It is why we don’t bring ‘cookie-cutter’ methodologies and templates to your deal. We instead:

  • \Identify the critical success factors of your specific deal,
  • \Leverage our extensive experience to develop a bespoke implementation approach and plan, and
  • \Work with you and you team to ensure you can deliver the true value of your deal.

We bring our extensive integration / separation skills to help you implement the planned benefits of your transaction. These include project management, integration team structure and design, TSA’s, governance and risk management, communication and change management, amongst others.

How we approach integrations/separations

We don’t believe in bringing a large external team into your business to tell you what to do. Our view is that you know your business better than us.

Our approach is to combine our integration / separation planning and execution skills with your team’s business expertise. We seek to co-design, cooperate, and partner with you to:

  • Increase the likelihood of success,
  • Reduce the micro and macro risks, and
  • Coach and upskill your team in anticipation of future deals.

This allows us to:

  • Maximise the quality of planning,
  • Enable rapid implementation of changes needed to deliver expected synergies, and
  • Support critical cultural and staff morale issues.

We are also happy to provide as much or as little support as you think you need, whether it’s strategic advice, governance support or operational leadership. And we never aim to extend our involvement beyond what we believe is strictly necessary.

What we offer

Integration Planning

Pre-deal planning including synergy identification, assessing impacts on business as usual, and risk management; team structure & selection of integration leaders; Day 1 business readiness planning, and projects post the transaction closing.

Integration Execution

Post Day 1 project delivery, including continuity of operational integrity, synergy implementation, organisation changes, cultural alignment, performance contract resets, divestments, operational and Health & Safety improvements.

Transition Services

Negotiation of TSA’s – those services needed for a transitional period, often including systems, branding, and some staffing. We cover scope, cost, risk, and conditions for the conclusion of each service line.


Most staff have little experience of acquiring or selling businesses. Having an experienced deals professional who has expertise in coaching & mentoring along with operational experience, increases the probability of your success.

Programme Management

Good project management and governance provide Boards and Management Teams with the assurance they need for confidence in a successful deal. We know how to set up and run an effective PMO – pre- and post-deal.


“Communicate, communicate, communicate” is a core mantra for integration success. We create clear communications strategies across all interested parties and offer suitable materials for clients to adapt.