About us

About the Founder


Ian founded PAZO in 2015 with the objective of helping businesses to deliver the full planned value from their M&A deals. He has successfully led both integration and separation programmes across a number of industries and countries for deals ranging in size from $50m to $6bn. One of the largest and most complex integrations was noted by the BP CEO as “the best integration in BP, ever.”

He has significant C-suite leadership experience in the USA, UK, Europe, Australia and NZ at large corporations, including:


BP (Deputy CEO BP Germany, Head of Group Global Procurement, VP Strategy, CFO Australasia)


Fonterra (MD Global Optimisation, Member of Executive Team)


PwC (Director – Deal Value)

His extensive commercial experience covers most business areas and includes:

  • \Leading complex business and technology transformation projects,
  • \Cost reduction programmes,
  • \Global strategy and performance management,
  • \Supply chain operations,
  • \Marketing and most corporate functions.

This breadth of business acumen provides invaluable insight to an integration or separation programme, as large M&A deals generally impact all areas of both a buyer’s and a seller’s businesses.

His inclusive and empathetic leadership style is able to deliver break-through performance by effectively engaging with the full suite of stakeholders – from board members and executive management to customers and suppliers, through to staff at all levels.

Ian is a CA (Institute of Chartered Accountants in Australia & NZ) and a member of NZ Institute of Directors.

Our core values


Business is primarily about people. We all work best and deliver to our potential when we trust and are trusted. At PAZO, we do what we say.


Our focus is on delivering results that matter to you – our clients. It is not about billable days – it is about the delivery of results for you.

Value : Delivered

We know that many deals fail to deliver on their expected value. Our intent is that delivered value should match or exceed “spreadsheet value”.


As a small business with a limited client base, we aim to give you our undivided attention and focus. We will bring only the skills you need.

Knowledge Transfer

We love to coach. We aim to transfer skills to your people, so that your need for us reduces each time we collaborate.


We look beyond the status quo – e.g. 2nd and 3rd rounds of synergy identification often discover more value than the first round. They link to revenue growth rather than cost reduction.